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Hello Friend!

I call you friend, because I know you. Even though we haven’t met (yet!) I know your struggle.

I know how overwhelming it is to start and run your own business – trust me, I’ve been there!

I know how busy you are, that there are a million things on your to-do list, and that one of them is creating a fabulous website to match your fabulous business.

Well, consider your to-do list one item shorter, because once we’ve worked together, you’ll have the website of your dreams.

So allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Mia, travel junkie turned New York-based design genie who specialises in creating websites that convert.

It all started with my desire to see the world. I moved to Uruguay to teach English nearly five years ago, but somehow found myself a creative outlet designing websites instead.

fast forward to 2019.

I now live in New York City completing my MFA at one of the country’s most prestigious design schools. And while I may have left my teaching career behind in Uruguay, there is something that stuck.

And it’s not just my love for dancing in the light of the full moon…

Using my creative flair as an artist and technical know-how as an experienced UX designer, I have held onto my passion for web design and created over 2000 modern websites for clients all over the world.

And much like my desire to discover all the world has to offer beyond the Big Apple, you’ll find that I leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a brand and website that speaks your truth.

My websites are detail oriented, clean and contemporary, and my passion for connecting people with their dreams ensures I do it all with lots of love.

Modern websites with a touch of


Magic, you say?

I find magic in swimming in the sea, exploring new corners of the globe, losing myself in a piece of art and turning to the stars for cosmic guidance.

I also find magic in yoga and meditation, watching live music (anybody else a HUGE Alicia Keys fan?) and taking long walks through Central Park.

But most of all, I find magic in using design to transform people’s businesses and lives.

You have a unique message

A message with the potential to change the world.
And nothing could bring me more joy than to help you share it!


Mia did an exceptional job

“She really captured the message I wanted to convey to my clients. She was so patient with me and made everything so easy! Wonderful communication and great response time. So happy with the work Mia has completed for me!”

~ Josette, Guidance To Wellness

Mia is fantastic

“Mia is fantastic. Fast and efficient communication. She is also incredibly creative and professional. I am extremely happy with the outcome. My website is everything I wanted.”

~Kim Beadman, Born to Thrive Coaching

Mia will bring your idea to life

“Mia is always my go-to web designer, seriously, look no further. She will bring your idea to life and with ease. Would recommend 100% time and time again.”

~ Jess, We Wander Out

Mia is an absolute pro

“Mia is an absolute PRO and able to handle any large project that may come her way. She was creative, accessible and willing to show me the “how to’s” in order to simplify my website design. I would definitely suggest working with her.”

~ Melissa Fino, Love Your Life Community

join over 2000 business owners

whose dreams have been brought to life through my designs

behind the scenes

Modern websites
with a touch of